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Itinerary of the Wine and Vineyards 8 Days


Day 1 – Lisbon is an illuminated city where the Tagus and the sun almost always present are the capital of Portugal a color mirror in which the beauty and the architectural contrasts that do not go unnoticed.

Let’s try the rich cuisine tasting the Portuguese wine to the sound of fado Lusitano … probably the most fascinating, exciting and satisfying of all cities in Europe.

Lisbon city blue sky all year and a mild winter, this our tour will have the unique opportunity to go back in the history of exploration with particular emphasis on the famous neighborhoods of Grace, Castle, Baixa, Alfama, Bairro Alto, Chiado, Mouraria and Bethlehem where we will find the famous Belem Tower dating back more than 500 years, visit Jeronimos Monastery where are buried Luis Vaz de Camoes and Vasco da Gama, obligatory stop in the Discoveries which marks the starting bridge the Portuguese caravels to conquer world.

In the evening enjoy a majestic view of the Tagus river with a wine tasting accompanied by cheese and regional sausages.


Day 2 – In the morning we leave Lisbon towards Bucelas to visit a farm with several hectares of vineyards in this region are produced white wines DOC Bucelas and regional Extremadura red.

The stunning scenic backdrop of this wine region known for the famous white grape Arinto is part of the demarcated wine region of Lisbon.

Recently celebrated a century of existence with an annual production ace varieties that give you fame, almost all heard of wine literature references there figures produced in the works of Eca de Queiros, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens or Lord Byron.

On to Sintra to discover the magic and splendor of romantic city where majestic palaces, castle and royal properties emerge in the middle of fascinating mountains and forests that hide the magic and tell stories of real Princesses and Queens or reis.

The town of Sintra much appreciated in times past by the Portuguese and European bourgeoisie, has a rich collection of palaces with special emphasis on the National Palace of Pena where we can see a mixture of unparalleled architectural styles considered by many the most beautiful in Europe Palace perhaps the world.

In this fabulous tour we go to the Seteais Palace famous for its beautiful gardens that have unique exotic species in Portugal, highlight is the famous bakery “Piriquita” which are manufactured delicious Travesseiros of Sintra and the famous Queijadinhas of Sintra where the first references date back to thirteenth century reign of King Sancho II once payment forums.

After lunch we will make a visit to the Regional Colares Cellar, housed in a beautiful building in the town center, we will do a wine tasting of the Colares area accompanied by Serra cheese and traditional desserts of Sintra.

Then we go to Cape Roca, of unparalleled beauty, Luís Vaz de Camões made reference to this site in the “Lusíadas” described this place as “Where the land ends and the sea begins” because it marks the westernmost point of the European continent, of unparalleled beauty where in addition to the huge ravines we will find a huge lighthouse control of the Portuguese police.

Considered by many the Portuguese Riviera, the tour of Cascais and Estoril is full of glamor and charisma, highlight the splendid white sand beach, the famous beach of fishermen where we can see a beautiful sunset from the other side of the River Tagus at the same time fishermen sowing their nets alongside the colorful boats which contrast with the new and luxurious Marina of Cascais filled Luxury Yachts, before arriving in Lisbon obligatory stop in Estoril to see the rich gardens of the oldest and largest Casino Europe.


Day 3 – In the morning we leave Lisbon towards Évora located in the Alentejo region one of the main attractions of Évora is the Chapel of Bones where hundreds of human bones exposed on the walls and ceiling will certainly be recorded in your memory.

Plenty of city monuments led to its classification as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, highlights still to the famous Cathedral of Évora, Praça do Giraldo and the Roman Temple.

Just 2 km from Évora’s historic center will visit the Farm Valbon and the Monastery of the Cartuxa inspired its name.

Acquired in the nineteenth century by Eugénio de Almeida family Cartuxa cellar has undergone for several renovations and expansions over time preserving the richness of its architectural and historical memory.

The brand Cartuxa is one of the main assets of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and current brand “umbrella” of the cellar Cartuxa and Lagar Caruxa.

The brand represents the identity of the Vinea wine, EA, Foral de Évora, Cartuxa, Scala Coeli and Pera-Manca mythical and the oils Poplars, EA and Cartuxa.

It follows a visit to Herdade do Esporão where almost endless extentions of green fields that manage to withstand the scorching heat of summer in Alentejo all thanks to modern irrigation system that will automatically debiting the drops needed in each foot was for production to be optimized, surrounded by several hectares of planted area this is the first impact you have as soon as you enter the Herade do Esporão.

We will visit Reguengos and Monsaraz village which is a balcony to the great lake Alqueva and lets you enjoy beautiful boat trips through hundreds of islands and hidden corners that knows very well captivate our gaze constituting one of the most beautiful postcards tourist from Portugal.

We follow direction to Lisbon for the Vasco da Gama Bridge with its over 17kms long which get dazzled Lisbon in a unique way.


Day 4 – Crossing the bridge on April 25, we will reach a breath-taking view of the alfacinha city and the Tagus river, with open arms to Lisbon we will see the majestic statue of Christ the King.

The region of Azeitão and Setubal is linked to the wine culture for many centuries, a real passion, this region produces the richest wines and muscat table in Portugal and in the world making an important contribution to the image and prestige of Portuguese wines.

On this tour we will have the opportunity to visit two of the best vinyards in the Setubal region name José Maria da Fonseca that stands out for being the oldest Portuguese company producing table wines and Moscatel, founded in 1834 by its founder which gives its name to Quinta José Maria da Fonseca and this played a decisive role in the national wine sector.

With nearly 650 hectares of vineyards across the region this is a winery equipped with the latest technology that rivals the world’s best result wines that combine the experience accumulated throughout its history with the most advanced winemaking techniques.

The second Thursday a little further south gives the Bacalhôa name where we will discover a unique landscape with a historical background that began with the founding of the Avis Dynasty.

The architecture, the decor and the Palace gardens were influenced over the centuries by different owners inspired by his travels through Europe, Africa and the East, thus contributing to the change in a single jewel.

Over time the estate was being embellished with Portuguese-century tiles. XV and XVI evoking Moorish designs and a lake house overlooking Fifth, the highlight is its famous wine JP is the most exported wine in Portugal.


Day 5 – In the morning we leave the sunny city of Lisbon to explore the charming medieval town of Obidos surrounded by stately century XIV walls that make up a well-preserved castle, we will walk through its walls and landscapes of small alleys and churches, in the end time to taste the Ginjinha of Obidos.

We continue to Quinta dos Loridos where the mild and temperate climate by proximity to the sea, fertility and nature of the terrain favor the production of wines with well-marked personalities.

Produced sparkling wines have a quality that has achieved the most honorable mentions in the country and abroad.

In addition to the traditional varieties the farm also produces Pinot Noir, Merlot, Aragonez, Arinto, Chardonnay and Alvarinho.

The farm has an area of 35 hectares, artificial lake and up to 6000 tons of statues that delight, and giant Buddhas can observe 700 terracotta soldiers hand-painted, each one, finding some buried, as there 2200 years, a quiet space and peace of mind

The following is the Nazareth to walk in the narrow streets, talking to shoot eat “woman of the seven skirts,” eat fresh fish and up to the sights of Flint and the site and then down to the beach at Centennial lift.

Gone are the days when there was no beach because of the sea insistence on moving earth inside.

By the sixteenth century, the Nazarenes lived in Flint and local site that together with the beach are to Nazareth, then follow to Batalha city that houses the Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria master piece of Gothic architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Site .

The last visit of the day will be in Fatima and its Sanctuary which is one of the largest centers of pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic world, the famous shrine of Fatima attracts about 6 million pilgrims each year visit the Basilica of Our Lady, the Chapel of Apparitions and the home of the three little shepherds in the Cova da Iria, after day so rich then followed to Porto for the hotel.


Day 6 – In the morning we leave the city of Fatima towards Coimbra, clear emphasis on its famous University connoted as the first University in the country and one of the oldest in the world and the first registration as a university happens in 1290.

In our visit to the University contemplated is the visit to the Palace of the schools, the rich library Joanina, the room of Capelos, Examinations room and the weapons room located along the tower where we find the best “balcony” over the Mondego river.

Coimbra is a complete city as it adds the old modern the opposite of youth culture, religion and sport in Coimbra lacks nothing or almost nothing.

Always lively and active as the almost 30,000 students who live not let slow down the rate of those who tend to fall asleep ace shadows of the famous churches.

We proceeded to the Bairrada wine region which remains an important producer of red and white wines, occupying an area stretching from the slopes of the mountains of Caramulo and Buçaco to the coastal plains, this area of Portugal enjoys an extremely weather favorable for vine growing.

The vines are grown in small flat land, with two main soil types, clayey, loamy or sandy soils are those that define the flavor of grapes associated with cool climate.

The Bairrada is also famous for its sparkling wines produced from grapes like Maria Gomes, Arinto and Bical.

Like other Portuguese wine regions, Bairrada uses national and international grape varieties standing out among these Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

The wine region of Dão to Viseu in the center produces some of the best Portuguese wines, weather conditions, soil characteristics, and the choice of varieties influenced by previous factors especially Touriga Nacional, typical of this area, give Dão the his inimitable ruby color, its delicate aroma and velvety taste.

Dão wines still characterize themselves to have the rare ability to age in a noble and harmonious way.

The weather in Dan suffers simultaneously the influence of the Atlantic and the Interior so the winters are cold and rainy while summers are hot and dry.


Day 7 – We leave the city of Viseu towards Lamego which is one of the most important urban centers of the Douro region.

The religious architecture has a singular expression, the Church of S. Pedro de Balsemão, classified National Monument, is the second oldest temple in the Iberian Peninsula. The Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies and the stairway built in the eighteenth century, on the top of St. Stephen Hill, in honor of the Lady of Remedies, are the ex-libris of Lamego.

We set off towards the Douro valley, unique place where the combination of climate, river, grapes and man’s effort gave rise to the first demarcated region World wines for the production of Port wine.

Picturesque location, verdant landscapes and lush nature Douro invites all visitors to a temporary abstraction of reality.

The pinion which is another base in the Douro Valley, where Port wine dominates the culture, the city is on the basis of covered hills of vineyards and spectacularly formed at the confluence of the River Douro, highlight even for the fabulous train station with its 24 typical Portuguese tile panels painted with the Douro valley images.

We continue our tour towards Peso da Regua but before visiting the Caldas de Moledo where we dazzled by the sights on the Douro River, already in Peso da Regua we will be to know its origins or almost remain unknown, the legend says that a house rural Roman called “Villa Reguela” existed here, however, it increased from 1756 due to the creation of the Companhia Geral do Alto Douro Vinha Agricultura, the Marquis of Pombal was the founder of the first wine region Armazéns da Companhia and It was thus built in Peso da Regua, and the first “wine fairs.”

In 1998, it was ranked as the International Vine and Wine city, its natural landscapes are absolutely unique and once the wine region Alto Douro has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before arrival to Porto will visit the town of Amarante is characterized by its relationship with the mountains and the river and seduces us with its banks surrounded by trees. Rich historical and cultural heritage, crossed by the river Tâmega and surrounded by mountains this beautiful city proudly displays their homes seventeenth century whose colored wood balconies adorn the narrow streets.


Day 8 – The city of Porto is the 2nd largest Portuguese city considered European destination of 2014 the port better known for Invicta city is full of life and activities.

The Port bathed by the banks of the Douro river and the city is full of historical monuments worth a visit especially Clérigos Tower, Palácio da Bolsa, Porto Cathedral or the Library Lelo.

The old downtown is fairly well preserved because in recent years has undergone several improvements that impress all those passing by, the narrow alleyways hide small taverns where stands the typical North gastronomy with clear emphasis on the Famous Francesinha most famous dish that region.

Those who visit Porto jumps to view the famous wine caves of Porto on the other side of the bank of the Douro where we found the best “balcony” for the entire downtown Porto and Ribeira neighborhood on our tour we will be able to visit the cellar and the Port wine and still a unique boat trip on the Douro river where you will tour the famous six bridges connecting port to the city of Gaia.

The Dom Luis I Bridge jumps in sight for its unique architecture, completed its construction in 1888 with 2 trays where vehicles, people and train almost share the same track.

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Where are we going

Day 1 – Lisbon

Day 2 – Bucelas – Sintra – Colares – Cascais – Estoril

Day 3 – Evora – Cellar Charterhouse – Herdade do Esporão

Day 4 – Tour Setúbal – Palmela – Sesimbra – Azeitão

Day 5 – Obidos – Farm Loridos – Nazaré – Batalha- Fátima

Day 6 – Coimbra – Region Bairrada – Region Dão – Viseu

Day 7 – Lamego – Douro Wine Region

Day 8 – Porto

Places to visit each day

Day 1: Lisbon – Marques de Pombal Gardens – Baixa – Avenida da Liberdade – Commerce Square – Rossio Square – Praça da Figueira – National Confectionery – Lisbon Cathedral – St. Anthony’s Church – Castle of Sao Jorge – Portas do Sol – Bairro da Graça – National Pantheon – Park of Nations – Oceanarium – Terreiro do Paco – Chiado- Bairro Alto – São Bento – Basilica da Estrala – Discoveries Monument – Belém Tower – Jeronimos Monastery – Pastéis de Belém – WineTasting in Typical Tavern – Lisbon – Hotel

Day 2: Lisboa – Hotel – Lisbon – Bucelas – Visit  Winery Farm with wine tasting Sintra Historical Center – Famous patisserie “Piriquita” – Tour of the Sintra – Sintra Mountains – Pena Palace – Seteais – Colares – Cabo da Roca – Guincho Beach – Cascais – the historic center of Cascais – Estoril – Estoril Casino – Stroll along the Marginal in Oeiras – Lisbon – Hotel

Day 3: Lisbon – Hotel – Lisbon – Vasco da Gama Bridge – Évora center – Praça do Giraldo – Évora Cathedral – Chapel of Bones – Temple of Diana – Fifth Charterhouse – (Wine Tasting at Quinta Cartuxa) – Esporão – (Wines and Olive Oils taste in Esporão) – Reguengos de Monsaraz historic center – Reguengos de Monsaraz Castle – Vasco da Gama bridge – Lisbon – Hotel

Day 4: Lisbon – Hotel – Lisbon – 25th of April Bridge – Arrábida – Portinho Arrábida – Setúbal – the historic center of Setúbal – Sesimbra – Palmela – Castelo de Palmela – Azeitão – Visit Quinta José Maria da Fonseca – wine tasting – Quinta da Bacalhôa – wine tasting – Palace Bacalhôa – Tile Museum – Vasco da Gama bridge – Lisbon – Hotel – Lisbon

Day 5: Lisboa – Hotel – Lisbon – Óbidos – Obidos Castle – Sitio da Nazaré – Quinta dos Loridos (Visit and Wine Tasting) – Nazare Beach – Nazaré Lighthouse – Downtown Battle – Monastery of Batalha – Fatima center – Church of Our Lady of Fatima – Apparitions Chapel – Holy Trinity Church – House of 3 Pastorinhos – Fatima – Hotel

Day 6: Fátima – Hotel – historic center of Coimbra – Coimbra University – Palace of schools – Hall of Capelos – of -Living Examinations Hall of Arms – Joanina Library – University Tower – Old Cathedral – New Cathedral – Church of Santa Cruz – Zone riverside – Bairrada – Visit the Farm Winery with wine tasting – Region Dão (Visit a farm with wine tasting) – Viseu – Hotel

Day 7: Hotel – Viseu – Viseu Historical Center – Lamego – Lamego Historic Centre – Shrine of Our Lady of Remedios – Pinion – Train Station – Visit a Farm Winery with wine tasting – Boat trip on the Douro – Peso da Regua – Caldas de Moledo – Mesão Frio – Amarante – Monastery of São Gonçalo de Amarante – Porto – Hotel

Day 8: Porto – Hotel – Porto – Avenida dos Aliados – Bolhão Market – Cafe Majestic – São Bento Station – Cathedral – Serra do Pilar – Batalha – Rua de Santa Catarina – Clérigos Tower – Bookstore Lelo – Church Carmo – Carmelitas Church – Crystal Palace – Avenida da Boavista – Caves Port Wine + Wine Tasting – Boat trip on the River Douro – Porto – Hotel

Places for hosting

1st Night – Lisbon
2nd night – Lisbon
3rd Night – Lisbon
4th Night – Lisbon
5th Night – Fatima
6th Night – Viseu
7th Night – Porto
8th Night – Porto/Lisbon

Included in the Tour

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