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Itinerary Lisbon Madrid – 8 Days


1st day

In the morning we leave Lisbon towards the Alentejo village of Arraiolos, this village we highlight the museum and its carpets, with centuries of history, hand embroidery by generations and generations embroiderer are part of the best known of Portugal crafts.

Prepared being his application for World Heritage and still Arraiolos Castle, one of the few circular castles in the world.

We follow then to Evora Alentejo capital which has as one of the main attractions of the Chapel of Bones where hundreds of human bones on the walls and ceiling will certainly be engraved in your memory.

The abundance of city monuments led to its classification as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, highlighted yet to Évora Cathedral, Giraldo and Roman Temple Square, Estremoz is the destination that follows.

internationally renowned for its white marble quarries, called Marble Estremoz, the exploitation of Estremoz marble has a very ancient origin as evidenced by the Roman Temple of Évora containing marble originating from Estremoz.

We will enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the town and its castle, followed later toward the border town of Elvas, due to its geographical position the city is strongly marked by its military foundation what now becomes a veritable museum of fortifications from various periods.

We start our visit by the Aqueduct Amoreira, with 843 arches and more than five arches and towers of 31 m height is considered the greatest aqueduct in the Iberian Peninsula with a length of 8.5km, the Elvas Castle is another attraction where the occupation human date at least the second century. C. when the Romans occupied Portugal. We ended our tour in Elvas with the visit to the fort of Santa Luzia, situated in the south of the city constitutes today an important example of Portuguese military architecture of the seventeenth century. The Fort of Santa Luzia has a quadrangular plant with about 150 meters, today the Fort houses the interesting Military Museum of Santa Luzia Fort.


Day 2

We start our day with a visit to Badajoz, bathed by the Guadiana river

It was during the years of dictatorship in Portugal one of the exit points very Portuguese emigrants to Europe and also of young people who did not go to the Colonial War.

For the Portuguese of Lisbon and Alto Alentejo the city of Spanish closer to Portugal is in Badajoz, it is where many Portuguese go to buy latin america products.

Highlights for the Badajoz Castle where Dom Afonso Henriques, the Conqueror command his men and mercenaries from Giraldo the “Fearless” fell from his horse and never walked.

We went to Merida who was a Roman colony established in 25 BC was part of the “Silver Route”, which crossed the entire northern peninsula to the south, is one of the most preserved Roman cities of the Iberian Peninsula, visit the Roman Theatre and Amphitheatre which has the oval, and a capacity of about 14 000 people for the fights and races between gladiators opened in the year 8 BC and the Roman art museum.

Caceres the name given to the historic center “Ciudad Monumental”, crossing the Arco de la Estrella we will know one of the best preserved medieval sets of Europe, World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

The walls erected in the 12th century by the Arabs to replace the ruins of walls raised custom of the Romans, who founded the original town in the 1st century.

The citadel is all made of stone with buildings ranging from 15th century to the 18th.

Before the arrival of the Madrid visit to Trujillo small town with over 3000 years of history, especially its imposing Plaza Mayor and guarded by Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru.

In Trujillo we can observe the passage of three great cultures, the Muslim with its castle, the Jewish to the Plaza mayor and the Christian with the temples, Trujillo is also known for its festivals and traditional events.


Day 3

We start our day in Madrid, the heart of Spain, intellectual and political center of a vast Catholic empire and of the various tendencies monarch.

Madrid left the orders of a fanatical Inquisition, the suppression of regional identities mainly Basque, Galician and Catalan, forced evangelization of Native Americans and it is precisely this rich and controversial past that made Madrid what it is today.

During our tour we will visit some of the most visited museums sites in Spain with special attention to the Prado, Reina Sofia, Puertas del Sol which is famous for being the meeting point by Madrid, the Plaza Mayor in the heart of the city, Cibeles square considered one of the most beautiful in the world where the Royal Palace official residence of the Kings of Spain.

One of the great symbols of Madrid is the Puerta de Alcalá, its wonderful location next to the Bom Retiro Park.

The San Miguel market is one of the places where we will find people from all over the world and Spanish typical products as well as various locations around the world.

Real Madrid’s stadium where his museum is worth a visit for all those who love and appreciate football, one of the most popular football clubs in the world.


Day 4

In the morning we leave the city of Madrid towards Toledo which is one of the Spanish cities of greatest wealth of monuments.

Toledo is known as the city of three cultures due to the fact that for centuries Christians, Arabs and Jews shared the walls of the inner city, the city preserves an artistic and cultural legacy in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues, this great diversity of artistic styles makes the old part of the capital and an outdoor museum which led to its declaration as a World Heritage Site.

During our tour an emphasis on some of the most important monuments of the city such as Toledo Alcázar now houses the Library and Army museum in the historic district the New Gate of Bisagra which serves as a gateway to the historic center of the city, main city square that is Zocodover, the cathedral of Toledo which measures an impressive 120 meters, the churches of Saint Thomas, Santiago del Arrabal and San Salvador and Puerta del sol. Also noteworthy was the synagogues of Santa Maria la Blanca and Transito.


Day 5

In the morning we leave the city of Madrid towards the Sierra de Guadarrama to visit the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial that was commissioned by Philip II to commemorate the victory at the Battle of San chitin, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984 within the Monastery will visit its fabulous library and the Basilica of San Lorenzo.

Still in the county of San Lorenzo have the “Valley of the Fallen” which is a monument built between 1940 and 1958 by order of Francisco Franco where buried Franco and 33,872 combatants of the Spanish civil war, an emphasis on the majestic basilica contruída the excavated rock and Santa Cruz with about 150 meters.

We follow then to Ávila which is a city founded by the Romans, this was over Muslim domination between the centuries VIII and XI and after the reconquest in 1090 began the construction of the monumental wall that surrounds the whole city.

The interior of the walled city in 2,5Kms with 88 towers and 9 semicircular gates is very well preserved and rich in monuments especially religious nature of which stands the Gothic Cathedral of the Saviour built in the same period of the wall.

Avila is also known for one of its most famous inhabitants name St. Teresa of Jesus founder of the order of Carmelites, religious also known as St. Teresa of Avila whose tomb is in the convent of St. Joseph.

Before the arrival in Portugal (Viseu) we will visit Salamanca one of the most visited capitals of Spain that brings together perfectly the historical and cultural component being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

The city of Salamanca is acclaimed by the antiquity of its university that is known worldwide, founded in 1218 by welcoming numerous international prominent figures highlight yet for the two Cathedrals, Plaza Mayor and the historic center that is in the best conditions taking into account that the city was built with the golden sandstone of Villamayor.


Day 6

We started our day with a stroll through the historic center of Viseu, the various narrow streets highlighting medieval layout for Adro da Sé where granite predominates visit to Viseu Cathedral and Mercy church before departure to the Douro Wine Region.

The Douro Valley singular place where the climate conjunction, river, grapes and Stress Man gave rise to the first demarcated region World wines for the production of Port wine.

picturesque setting of lush landscapes and lush nature Douro invites all visitors to a temporary abstraction of reality.

We start our tour of the pine cone which is one of the Douro valley bases and where the port wine dominates the culture, the city is on the basis of covered hills of vineyards and spectacularly formed at the confluence of the River Douro, an emphasis on the fabulous season Train with its 24 typical Portuguese tile panels painted with the Douro valley images.

It follows Peso da Regua where its origins remain unknown but the legend says that a rural house called “Villa Reguela” existed here however, increased from 1756 due to the creation of the General Company of Alto Douro Vineyard Agriculture. Marques de Pombal who was the founder of the first wine region created the institution of Warehouses Company of Douro wines.

In 1998 it was classified as International Vine and Wine, its natural landscapes are absolutely unique as the wine region of Alto Douro has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before the arrival Amarante pass by Caldas model so you can enjoy the stunning scenery breathtaking over the Douro River

Amarante which is rich in historical and cultural heritage, crossed by the river Tâmega and surrounded by this beautiful city saws proudly displays their homes seventeenth century whose wooden balconies colorful decorating the narrow streets, the town of Amarante is characterized by its relationship with the mountains and the river, this seduces us with its banks surrounded by trees.


Day 7

The city of Porto is the 2nd largest Portuguese city considered European destination of the year 2014th Port best known for Invicta city is full of life and activities.

The Port bathed by the banks of the Douro river and the city is full of historical monuments worth a visit especially Clérigos Tower, Palácio da Bolsa, Porto Cathedral or the Library Lelo.

The old downtown is fairly well preserved because in recent years has undergone several improvements that impress all those passing by, the narrow alleyways hide small taverns where stands the typical North gastronomy with clear an emphasis on the Famous Francesinha most famous dish that region. Those who visit Porto sees the famous wine cellars of Porto Wine on the other side of the bank of the Douro where we found the best “balcony” for the entire downtown Porto and Ribeira neighborhood on our tour we will be able to visit the cellar and wine Port and also a unique boat trip along the river Douro where will go the famous six bridges ligamPorto to the city of Gaia.

The Dom Luis I Bridge jumps in sight for its unique architecture, completed its construction in 1888com 2 trays where vehicles, people and train almost share the same track.


Day 8

In the morning we leave the sunny city of Porto towards the Peninsula of Costa Nova with its colorful houses with stripes derived from the original wooden houses of fishermen, these wooden houses are increasingly rare to see.

Continue to Aveiro – the “Portuguese Venice” is cut by streets where water slide colorful moliceiros who gives it a particular character. In the old quarter tourists can see the quaint homes of fishermen, whitewashed and watch every morning to the fish auction caught during the night in the fish market. Who hears in the city of Aveiro associates it immediately to your ex-libris gastronomic – the eggs – Moles heritage monastic tradition Aveirense.

Even before the arrival in Coimbra obligatory stop in Mealhada for lunch and tasting the famous Piglet Bairrada so much raises the name of Portugal to the World, visit Coimbra of narrow streets, patios, stairways and medieval arches, Coimbra bathed by the Mondego river was the cradle of birth six kings of Portugal and the First Dynasty, as well as the first University in the country and one of the oldest in the world and the first registration as a university happens in 1290.

The city has a rich historical, architectural and cultural heritage that has, are a precious common heritage of humanity, now recognized by UNESCO, Coimbra is a land of students but more than that, is a land of traditions where the past intersecting and the future that has more charm at the time of dismissal.

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Where are we going

Day 1 – Arraiolos – Evora – Estremoz – Elvas – Badajoz

Day 2 – Badajoz – Mérida – Cáceres – Trujillo – Madrid

Day 3 – Madrid

Day 4 – Madrid – Toledo – Madrid

Day 5 – Madrid – Escorial – Avila – Salamanca – Viseu

Day 6 – Viseu – Douro Wine Region

Day 7 – Port

Day 8 – Aveiro – Coimbra – Fátima – Lisbon

Places to visit daily

Day 1: Hotel – Lisbon – Vasco da Gama Bridge – Arraiolos – Arraiolos Historical Center – Arraiolos Castle – Museum of Arraiolos carpets – Évoramonte – Castle Évora Monte – Évora center – Plaza Giraldo – Temple of Diana – Chapel of Bones – Cathedral of Evora – Estremoz center – Estremoz Castle – Marble Museum – Elvas – Historical Center – Elvas Aqueduct – Castle of Elvas – Forte de Santa Luzia – Hotel

Day 2: Hotel – Badajoz – Plaza Alta – Castle Alcabaza – Palmas Bridge – Merida – Merida Historical Center – Roman Theatre Merida – Roman Temple – Aqueduct of the Miracles – Craft Market – Trujillo – Trujillo Historical Center – Plaza Mayor – Castle Trujillo – Church Santa Maria la Mayor – Madrid – Hotel – Madrid

Day 3: Madrid – Gran Via – São Miguel Mercado – Retiro Park – Plaza Mayor – Puertas del Sol – Royal Palace – Praza Cibeles – Puerta de Alcalá – Calle de Alcalá – Prado Museum – Plaza de Toros Las Ventas – Statue bear and Arbutus – Bernabéu Stadium – and other places – Madrid – Hotel

Day 4: Madrid – Hotel – Madrid – Alcazer Toledo – Puerta de Bisagra – Historical center – Plaza Zocodover – Puerta del Sol – Toledo Cathedral – Church of St. Thomas – Church of Santiago de Arrabal – Church of San Salvador – Puerta del Sol – Juan de los Reyes Monastery – Paseo de San Cristobal – Puente de San Martin – Maria la Blanca Synagogue – Synagogue of Transito – Madrid – Hotel

Day 5: Madrid – Hotel – the Escorial Monument – Valley of the Fallen – Basilica of “Valley of the Fallen – Avila – Plaza del Grande Market – Avila Cathedral – Walls of Avila – Cuatro Postes – Salamanca – Historical Center – University of Salamanca – Plaza most – Old Cathedral – New Cathedral – Viseu – Hotel – Viseu

Day 6: Hotel – Viseu – Viseu Historical Center – Adro da Sé – Viseu Cathedral – Church of Mercy – Douro Wine Region – Pinion – Train Station – Peso da Regua – Boat trip on the Douro – Visit to a Farm Winery Porto – Caldas Moledo – Views of the Douro – Caldas de Moledo – Mesão Frio – Amarante – Monastery of Saint Mary – Porto – Hotel – Port

Day 7: Porto – Hotel – Avenida dos Aliados – Bolhão Market – Cafe Majestic – São Bento Station – Cathedral – Serra do Pilar – Batalha – Rua de Santa Catarina – Clérigos Tower – Bookstore Lelo – Igreja do Carmo – Carmelitas Church – Crystal Palace – Avenida da Boavista – Caves Port Wine + Wine Tasting – Boat trip on the River Douro – Porto – Hotel – Port

Day 8: Hotel – Porto – Promenade on the Peninsula of Costa Nova – Aveiro – Visit to the city center – Walk in Traditional Moliceiro – Lunch Leitão will Bairrada Mealhada – Coimbra – Coimbra Historical Center – University Coimbra – Palace of schools – Hall of Capelos – of -Living examinations Hall of Arms – Joanina Library – University Tower – Old Cathedral – New Cathedral – Church of Santa Cruz – Riverside area – Lisbon – Hotel – Lisbon

Places to hosting

1st Night – Badajoz
2nd Night – Madrid

3rd Night – Madrid
4th Night – Madrid
5th Night – Viseu
6th Night – Porto
7th Night – Porto
8th Night – Lisboa

Included in the Tour

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Not Included

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